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I've just been out to collect the eggs at first I thought I only had a Lesley egg but then I looked down whilst adding the straw and there was a very tiny, looking at a rough 30g, like a bantam egg. But it was a perfect circle.


I wonder why she layed on the roosting bars at the back of the eglu and why on earth is it that small and that shape?

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Perhaps she's laying for the BBC - Isn't the circle their new theme now?


Have to say though that my girls seem to be laying odder eggs at the moment. The gingernuts have always been a bit rounder than the Pepperpots but recently have had some, although not circular it has been difficult to distinguish which was the pointy end! Dilema then - which way up do I store it :) Has to be said though they're not in the egg box that long! The pepperpots on the otherhand seem to have got longer and pointier (appologies - don't think this is in the dictionary!)


However, all just as tasty :D


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Only one of my three girls lays a correctly shaped egg. Bossy, my pepperpot and boss chicken, lays long pale eggs, sometimes a bit too long :shock: , and Cheeky, my undersized gingernut, lays a virtually round egg every time. I also have trouble distinguishing which way is up!



So Snooty must be my politically correct EU approved perfect chicken! :lol:

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