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Getting too close for comfort

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The side of my garden has a stream as a boundary,which has quite deep banks & usually only a small amount of water in it.The water source is a spring up the way,& the road drains into it too.

The chicken pen is about 6 foot away from the bank of the stream,& all has been well until this weekend when we found that the stream has risen to such an extent that the water is only about a foot away from the edge of the pen :shock:






The Hubby says that there is no way it will reach the pen, but I find it really scarey - it gave me a nightmare last night ,& I can hear it rushing away from inside the house :roll:

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Its just the rain I think Claire - well I hope so anyhow as we can't get to the next bit of the stream to find out if it is blocked :roll:


Sandbags & waders at the ready,I think :lol:


As you can see, the hens are totally non plussed by the whole thing,& seem to be getting more grubby wormy things out of the nice wet ground 8)

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Thank goodness! It still looks close though.


Could you float something like a rubber duck down it and see if it appears, then you'd know if it is blocked.


Your house looks really old, Sarah. I get angry when old properties are suddenly subject to flooding as it means someone somewhere is doing something they shouldn't be doing. I have been to Bewdley several times and the houses now subject to flooding are Georgian! It's all the tarmac and bad drainage and the lack of river maintenence!


It drives me mad :evil:

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Our local sports centre was flooded again yesterday. In 1998 when we had those bad floods it was closed for 6 months when the River Cherwell burst its banks - all because some eejit built the centre on a flood plain between the river and the canal :roll:


It was sandbagged again yesterday and the bottom fire exits were flooded inside.

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