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Did anyone else catch Nigellas Christmas show last night?

I thought it was really fab,& am baking the aromatic spiced ham for Christmas eve supper,with leftovers for boxing day :P


She is the same as me - I prefer the cold cuts & pickles to the main event too :lol:


Inspired by her beautiful kitchen I have just gone & bought loads of white LED battery operated fairy lights to scatter around.....I thought it looked gorgeous on the show :P

And inspired by her lovely curves,I also got a new close fitting red top :wink:

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i watched it aswell and thought it was good.


i like the idea of a chocolate fruit cake and might give it a try, even though my own is maturing nicely!


the ham look really tasty and easy to do, so i might give that a go aswell.


shame about the trailer, but considering bbc2 likes scaremongering in the horizon show about avian flu...................

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Is there a book??


I haven't spotted it in the shops?


Had a look on line and same result a couple of days ago.


Love the look of the cake. I thought the way it was decorated was beautiful.


Can't stand icing or marzipan.....too sweet.....so why do we always put it on the bloomin'cake.


Am also tempted to make it, even though we've already got one festering away in a dark cupboard....or should that be "maturing?

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Update on the above.Looking at the recipes I have from The Mail,some recipes are from older books - for example the Choc Christmas Cake is from "Feast - Food that Celebrates Life" which she bought out in 2004.


If anyone want any of the recipes scanned & emailed,send me an email & I will see what I can do.....

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