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mick & sylvia


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After all the drama of thinking Marion had an impacted crop and wondering why we had'nt had an egg yet.......We got the girls up this morning and was more interested in checking her crop first, which was fine. Went to tidy the nest compartment as usual and EUREKA there was our first egg :o:D


Now we're wondering who laid it :?: We think its probably Marion as according to "Mick's books" she seems to be showing all the signs including squatting as mentioned by another forum member. There is an outside chance it could be Jenny as she's not far behind Marion in showing all the signs, apart from squatting.

If it's Zena it would be a shock :eh: as she hasnt changed one bit since the day we got them. Think she must be a late developer however the most frindly of the three. Always ready to be picked up and fussed.


Must go now as have to go three rounds of boxing with Mick to decide who gets to eat the first egg :drool:

Will let you know how tasty it was when (I'VE) finished it :!::lol:

Mick & Sylv :D:D:D:D:D

P.S. Mick wiil take a picture of the said egg and will try to put it on the forum to be admired :!: He's so proud


(green eglu)

GNR - Jenny

GNR - Marion

GNR - Zena

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That's great news! Isn't it a shock when you open the egg port AND THERE'S AN EGG THERE! (I don't know why we don't expect it!) :roll:


I'm still not 100% sure which of mine have begun laying as I've only had 2 so far, but I've been going by size and colour of comb and wattles. Florries is bigger and her whole face is redder than Pom's, so I guess it must be her. Have you noticed any difference with yours?


Whoever it is - well done that chook! :clap:

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Thanks Snowy Howells.

We think the egg has definitely come from Marion. Her comb and wattles are as you say very large and red but also we noticed about a week ago that when you go near to pick her up she squats flat on the floor. Mick read in one of his books (I'm going to hide them as he thinks he's becoming an eggspurt :lol: ) that they do this when a cockerel approaches them if they're ready to mate. His theory is, if they're ready to mate, then they must have an egg/eggs ready to fertilize.

Will let you know if the other two start showing these signs. Jenny has the red comb and wattles but is not squatting when you go to pick her up. Zena has not changed one bit (i.e. small pink comb and wattles) but we have heard she may be a late developer.


We have been watching them all this morning with anticipation. Every time one goes in and out of the eglu we are checking for an egg :!: We are becoming obsessed. This has got to stop :!::lol:


Will have to go as Mick has informed me one of them has just gone into the eglu :roll: Watch this space.


Sylvia & Mick


(green eglu)

GNRGNRGNR - Jenny, Marion & Zena

And we forgot to mention Ziggy the 18 years old ginger cat.

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