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Oh I know what you mean - (I think!) I noticed that Florrie's comb and wattles looked very red and flushed yesterday (was watching her through the window). But when I went out later, they seemed back to just 'normal' red, not quite as bright. I thought I'd imagined it! :shock:

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Hi, sorry only just managed to get to computer. Its Penny's cheaks that blush, it happens lots of times during the day, her comb and wattles stays a lovely red colour all the time its just her cheaks. They go brilliant red and then in a little while they go a sort of fleshy colour. I wondered if she was pleased to see me or its treat time, it just facinating to see.


Penny is laying well (she is a gingernut ranger). Her sister Tuppence is a pepperpot, and she doesn't blush.


It could be hormones I suppose.


I love chatting about my chooks. :D:D:D

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