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Recently bereaved

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We lost Ginger yesterday, found dead in the Eglu. Not quite sure what caused it. Our other hen, Margot, who ruled the roost, seems fine. We are complete beginners at hen keeping - can anyone advise on tips on introducing new, should we do this sooner rather than later (wonder if Margot might get more territorial/stroppy on her own?), should we add more than one? Reading other messages it does seem very stressful introducing new hens, and as we don't have so much time for supervision, top tips welcomed.

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Sorry to hear about your loss Chickie :(


I think you are right to think about another chicken. Most problems come from introducing a hen to others who have already sorted out the pecking order, it seems to be easier to introduce a hen to one who has lost its' partner.


Check out nearby suppliers (or ask Omlet if it is to be a replacement from them) and choose a fairly docile replacement if possible. Meadowsweet poultry give good descriptions of the hybrids they produce.



It is a necessary part of chicken life to sort out a pecking order - not always pretty to watch but they must do it. Make sure you have a couple of feed and water stations so that the new hen cannot be prevented from eating and drinking and all should be well.


If you are still worried, then try introducing the new one into the Eglu at dusk as the original hen settles down for the evening.


I hope all goes well - come back and ask for more advice anytime.

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So sorry to hear your sad news. What a horrible thing to happen. If you aren't able to find any suppliers locally to find your hen a new friend, try e-mailing barbara@omlet.co.uk to see if she can tell you if there are any breeders nearby. It's definitely best to find another hen as soon as you can as they are so sociable and love having company.


Good luck.

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So sorry to hear your sad news - it's very upsetting. I can advise getting 2 chickens because the established one has a harder time bullying 2 new ones...when one is being herded the other can nip in for food...thats how it worked when i did it...there was planty of herding and pecking but nothing dangerous. We just shoved them in at dusk and hoped for the best. We also left them in for 4 days before letting them freerange to get used to the eglu. It all went very smoothly...Also if another dies and you have 3 than you don't have to introduce another one.


Good luck whatever happens...let us know xxx

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