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robbie is coming to my garden

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no not williams, robbie the robin!! he is now a frequent visitor to our garden and trots all the way up to the patio doors! the chooks are not quite sure what to make of this liitle bird, and try the chicken lazer stare tactic. is doesnt work.


we dont get many robins around us so to see one in our garden is quite a treat.



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Hopefully he'll stick around now he's found a welcoming place. We have a resident pair and they must stick to the areas where they were born, or they live a very long time as we seem to have had a pair in our garden for about 12 years. They really are the bravest little things. The girls havetried the glare tactics but the robins both ignore all three of them. They seemed to have settled on mutual ignoring now.

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Laura that's a lovely picture of your resident robin. I tried to take a picture of one in my garden the other day but failed miserably! :? It would have been a great photo as Robin was sat on a low branch of a shrub looking down at Doris who was staring right back at him about a metre away!


Doris and Gwen tolerate Robin for the most part but occasionally do a beak-down-tail-in-the-air sprint towards him just to make sure he knows who is boss :lol:


What they haven't noticed is he goes inside the eglu run (when the door is open of course) and picks at any left overs! :lol::wink:

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