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Mrs Frugal

Chalky :-(

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very sad to hear of anyone's beloved pet passing :cry:

he had a good long life though eh? :)



Although, Im not a lover of terrier's. MIL has one just like chalky who we look after when they go on holiday, she is an absolute nightmare, :evil: stubborn, naughty, rungs rings around my huge GSD continually tormenting her :twisted: . We need a holiday when she's gone home :shock:

my mum has a Westie too, which you have to watch as he is very snappy.


I can understand some people adore little dogs...but for me its bigg'uns all the way :lol:

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:lol: When I saw the magazine I immediately thought of you Kate, and remembered you posting about Chalky's death. Then I was determind to find the original post - :wink::roll: .


Apparently Chalky's Bite Beer is exclusive to Sainsbury - so if you fancy a taste of dog droool you know where to get it ( not that I am suggesting this is how it will taste :oops: , sorry Chalky I am sure its really nice :oops: ).

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