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Finally told Hubby that the Eglu & Hens are on their way

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I ordered the Eglu & Hens about a wek ago, but decided not to tell Hubby until sufficient sofentning up had been done.

After a very nice supper & a couple of glasses of wine, I decided to break the news to him last night.

The conversastion went something like this...... (he is blue, I am pink)


Darling, you remeber I told you about that funky hen house I saw on the internet...well, what do you think?


Well, OK then, but I have a couple of requests

Firstly, I want to name one of the hens.


Sorry, but the kids have already decided what they will call them, should we get them.

They have decided on jenny & Gwen (after gwen stefani)


Well, I wanted to call one lara (after lara croft).

In that case, I get to choose the colour of the Eglu.I would like an Orange one.


Sorry, but I promised the children we could have a pink one.


Goodness, I am overun by the females in this house & don't get to make any decisions anymore.I wouldn't be suprised if you had already ordered it & it was coming next Thursday.


Friday actually. can I interest you in another glass of wine & an early night.


No thanks.I am going to watch CSI.You know where you are with CSI !



So, all in all I think it went rather well :D

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I love conversations like that with my husband. (see other topic about everyone getting on line.....) I am green, he is Blue (I'm not really a girly pink person).


You know, I do feel I am spending too much time on line. I've been chatting to some of the other forum users and we have all agreed to have one day off.


Oh yeah, that will happen.


No. It's all agreed. It will be September 31st.


What day is that.


Well, the 30th is a Firday.......


(heavy irony) so the 31st will be a Saturday.


That's right. and I thought that as I wouldnt be on line all day I would do some spring cleaning.


Huh. you need more than a day for that.


Well, if I do the bulk of the cleaning on the 31st, perhaps you could do some on the 1st October.





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You've gotta love em haven't you? They're such simple creatures.....


The cheek of it! :shock:


In my case it was actually the other way around - I saw the advert, looked it up on the net, talked about it incessantly for a few days and then just ordered it whilst dodging the 'so how much was it then' question.


My OH is quite used my odd ideas but I have had to assume the cleaning out the poo duties when the chickens arrive and I know that they'll be 'My Chickens' when they eat everything in sight and 'our chickens' when people are busy admiring them!

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Hmmm... Tch, Tch... Women, don't ya just love em :lol:


We men should stick together or we could easily be overun on this forum. Its' not always the fairer sex that like animals you know :)


I'm afraid that it was me that instigated the chicken phenomenon (is that spelt right?) in our family. The kids didn't take much convincing that we NEEDED some chickens, but Janet (my wife) took a bit of winning round :roll:


I think she's really quite enthusiastic about the whole thing now though. Our Blue Eglu arrived on Saturday and we were busy all weekend preparing a suitable area for it. Oh.... My poor aching bones - any chance of a nice cup of tea love? :wink:


Sadly, we have to wait another couple of weeks before we can get the chooks as we're going away for a few days next week.


Cheers everyone



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Well i txt my hubby at work and ask him if we could go to B+Q when he got home from work as i wanted to buy some bark and fencing to do the bit of the garden we were talking about he txt back ok,

then i txt back and told him to scrub that idea we were going to look at an eglu about 6pm, he txt back ok,


we left to go to visit the eglu stopping of via the bank to draw out some money, ( why do i want money when i looking !!!)


visited the Eglu and told the lady i would have it, my hubby gobsmacked as we gone from viewing to buying........


as we crammed the whole thing in the car with the chook ( there was only one) in the cat basket, wedged inbetween two kids, we drove home.....


he does love them now, though if you asked him he would deny all knowledge........

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