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Excess seeds - exchange

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Do you have excess seeds from this year's sowing? You can 'advertise' them here for others to have, or post your requirements if you want some others.


To adhere to the rules of the forum, no money must change hands – so this is a bit like Freecycle. On that note, to make it easy, we will borrow their style; so please use the first line of your thread to show what you have to offer, or would like i.e.


Offered: Organic cauliflower seeds


Taken: Organic cauliflower seeds


Wanted: Runner beans


The rest is up to you to sort out by PM, but please remember to post ‘taken’ when your seeds have been snapped up.


I know that seeds will be cheap to post, probably only the same as a letter.

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Hi Clare!


I spent most of yesterday going through all my seeds and binning lots, making lists and generally organising my planting for this year. I have a new book called 'carrots love tomatoes', all about companion planting, so am going to give it a go this year and see if it improves my crop 8)


Then I log on here and a seed exchange has been set up - fab! just try and stop me :wink:


Just waiting for the builder to get back to me with a price for my extra raised beds and paths. I'm not a 'butch' as Andrew, can't do the work myself and trying to avoid mire damage to my back! :roll:


If i'm ever your way, we will def go!

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I'd love to have a veggie garden Christian, and will if I ever have the money to remodel the garden :roll: Having said that, I love my flowers and lawn too.


The Boy's dad is a brilliant gardener and gave me loads of plants last summer, I did well with the tomatoes and beans, but something ate my greens like broccoli and caulis; I didn't want to spray either.


If I had the time i'd like to have an allotment, but that'll have to wait until I retire :lol:

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I don't believe it you've done it again Clare - I was thinking about this only this morning. I ventured to the garden centre at the weekend and ended up buying 3 packets of seed (not what I actually went for) and am busy ordering catalogues.


As I am only going to have a couple of raised beds and a windowsill I am going to end up with lots of spare seed if I am not careful. Ta da - here is the solution. However I am not as organised as everyone else seems to be and I haven't sorted out what I am going to order/plant yet.


I WILL be back at some point in the not too distant future.

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Clare, when we moved here last May, I didn't have a chance to really grow much in the garden as money was spent on damp wall etc :roll:

I planted loads in pots. Lettuce, rocket, toms, radishes chilles etc and they all grew really well I couldn't bear not to have anything growing!

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I really love growing my flowers Christian. I tried the greens I mentioned and Rocket in hanging baskets - but it was all 'got by bugs' :roll: I don't want ot spray and don't really have enough time to spend on nurturing it, much as I'd like to. So I am going to settle for the few things I can grow now - spuds and tomatoes, some peas and beans, and get the rest from the farmers market or the outlaws.


I will be sure to be picking your brains when I can do it properly though :wink:

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I know what you mean about bugs and not wanting to spray!!!


I'm cabin crew and am away for 2-3-4 nights a week and I still manage to grow stuff, without constant nurturing......I normally set up my automatic watering system, which was quite pricey to buy, but is fantastic!!! It waters everything by drip feeding, so it doesn't all dry up when i'm away.


You can't beat the taste of home grown veg! :)


Just have to learn how to grow flowers now :shock: I want to pick all summer long for the house. Sarah Raven is doing a series in Gardeners World every month, so am taking notes.

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Martin, I have a few Parsnip seeds you could have. I don't need 350 seeds. They are Mr. Fothergills "Arrow". You can grow them as a mini veg or leave them longer for a larger Parsnip. PM me if you are interested.



I have also got a whole packet of Suttons Boad Bean "The Sutton". These were bought last year and never used, they have to be planted by June 2007. I haven't got room for them this year. PM me if anyone is interested.

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:roll: Martin, that's specific enough - Liz just wants anything that she can start to plant soon.


Liz, I don't have anything to offer you at the moment, but I'd like just a few of your runners if that's possible - can you supply instructions too? i.e. when to plant - I'm a bit of a novice. PM me if you don't still have my address and i'll send you something when I've found my seeds, I htink I bought some peas from Ryton organics, but I can't remember where I put them :roll:

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Runner beans now taken


Thinking about it I do have a lot of these which need to be used up soon so can I do the same swap again with someone other than Clare this time?


Offered Runner beans, a mixture of bought ones and ones we dried last summer.

Wanted Vegetable seeds that I can plant now.

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By the way, ALL mr.fothergills seeds are buy one get one free in Woolworths this week, I'm going to pick some up on Saturday!


After meeting Lesley, Carl, Clare, Rosie, Emma, Mo, Gina, Darren and Stefan I went to woolworths.


I got:

1x Perpetual spinach

1x Tomato Moneymaker

1x Onion Bedfordshire Champion

1x Leek Musselburgh

1x Cabbage Golden Acre

1x Courgette Green Bush

1XCucumber Marketmore

1x Swede Best of all


A total cost of: £5.14


Bargain, and definately worth a look!

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