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yay!! Boo!!

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The lord giveth, and he taketh away ........ :roll::lol: .


Or should that be the tax man ... but having said that HE never Giveth :evil:




he did used to giveth every now and again - but now he mostly taketh away... maybe my code is wrong! :?



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I am cutting it fine too.

The VAT is due in on the first, & I know I should do it up today,but there is the latset E.R on Sky+ just begging me to watch it 8)


Maybe I will be more in the mood tomorrow?


Sarah - don't leave it too late - Inland Revenue are on strike tomorrow - if you need any help, there will be no-one to ask.


We have just one left to do - Carl is doing that one now :D We were still getting stuff emailed to us from clients as late as today :roll:


We don't bother trying to discuss anything in January :roll: - roll on Thursday, we can talk about holidays :lol:

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OH and I both married overdrafts, but we did know about them! And they weren't as large as that! :shock: It was a bit embarrassing when the cheque for the honeymoon bounced and FIL had to help us out! :oops::oops:

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We have just had to cough up £4000 :evil: We thought it would be half that :( Just think how many eglus you could buy with that :shock:







how much??!! :shock:


I know :? The worse that we have had was about 10k when his tax code was wrong :evil: Of course we were told that it was our fault and that we should check to make sure that OH was on the correct code :roll:

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