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One Man Banned

Well I would say goodbye but........

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Linda, how could you, :!: you must have driven right past my door.


You must pop in for a cuppa next time and that goes for all of you. Saying well when I was in Castleton......and "Ooops, word censored!"ody pops in. You know I might get a complex, I promise I do shower daily :wink:



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funny you should say that......


I Pm'd Anne yesterday when I realised that we would be going through Hope on the way to the site, and we're arranging a coffee some time soon!


It's lovely and crisp and frozen today - done a fair bit of walking and Molly is a very happy Colly dog today.


Popped into Glossop to a caravan centre to consider buying an awning and now have no idea which one to go for and should I spend £300+ more than what I was going to as this one has this and that one has the other blah blah blah.....


So having a hot cup of coffee and some chocolate right now to make me feel better!!




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I'm not a million miles away and wouldn't mind gatecrashing if:


1. It's not snowing...I'm a cowardy custard when it comes to driving in snowy weather.


2. I'm not working.


3. You don't mind.


Hope that's not too cheeky of me.


The station cafe at Grindleford is fab....scruffy and the best chips in the world.

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Egluntine, you'd be more than welcome on my part, we could have a mini omlet meet. Your more than welcome to visit anytime, we could have tea and scones at mine if you'd like or cake or go to a cafe :?:


Linda you'd also be welcome anytime. My tea and coffee are a very reasonable price :wink:


Anne :D

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