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Just have to share the news.....

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We put an offer in on a house, a couple of weeks ago, which was accepted, so we put our house on the market this week. It's been like Picadilly Circus in our house for 3 days, with prospective owners coming and going all hours of the day - my cupboards have been inspected, carpets lifted to see the floorboards, the attic has been explored and my weeny wee kitchen both admired and sneered at. But it's all been worth it, as we recieved 2 offers on the house this morning, so as of 10:30, our house has been sold to a lovely couple who have big plans for this place. Full asking price, perfect entry date!





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Congrats Shona!


Did they comment on the chickens? I notice how those house-selling programme people always banish the pets, and I do wonder if having a chook run on the terrace might put purchasers off, if/when we sell...


Of course the chooks themselves would be incredibly charming... :wink:

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Y'know, no-one seemed bothered by the chickens at all, and my lot are in a big purpose built run, not the eglu run.


We promised all viewers that the area that the girlies are on would be limed, raked and barked, and would have the rotary drier put in the space, so the drying area was back near the kitchen door, instead of down at the bottom of the garden.


The only down side to this move, is that despite assurances from the sellers solicitor when we went to view the house, we discovered today that the chickens are not allowed in the garden of the new house. :( Our solicitor is now querying this with the builders, as it's been built as a 'green' house, with provision for solar panels, and extra strapping in the roof for the addition of a wind turbine in a years time. Apparantly it's a standard clause in the deeds of a new build, but our solicitor is campaigning on our (and my lovely girlies) behalf. The fact that the selling agent said that he didn't think there was a problem in keeping pet chickens in the garden should work to our advantage. Our solicitor did say that it shouldn;t be a problem, even if the deeds are not changed, as people rarely object when neighbours break the rules for pets. :?

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