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Have I been depriving my girls??


Every week I have always scattered 3 good handfulls of mixed poultry grit into each of their enclosures.


Inspired by a Victoria Roberts DVD, I decided to put containers of grit in each enclosure for them to help themselves, so to speak.


Well....they went mad!! For a full five minutes all I could hear was the tap tap tap of eight hens gobbling up grit for all they were worth.


Then just as abruptly , they stopped and commenced their normal rootling and pootling about!


Hope they haven't over done it!!

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I play a game with Gwen and Doris.


It starts with them digging all the gravel from the edges of the patio (they eat some and are always guaranteed to find grubs in there too). I then go out with yard brush and brush gravel back into place. They then start digging it all out again.....can anyone see a pattern here? :roll::roll:

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There used to be someone on the forum, whose chooks ate the sealant from round her back door :shock:


I've mentioned this before - my two love pecking the sealant, I've tried anti-peck sprays but they dont work ( well not with sealant anyway).


Now I use the spare roosting bars to "block" the silicone off - dont want bouncy eggs!!

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