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It's really quiet....................

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Great thanks. I'm gonna need it - I'm typing away in my son's room and have just noticed the layer of dust over everything so I'm going to clean it while he's out!!


Just have to put everything back exactly as I find it - or else!


What time do you expect your girls to arrive?????

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I wouldn't mind a cuppa and a scone or biccy or both............I am just going to nip and see if Bunty has layed again I looked about half an hour ago and she was just rearranging the straw in the nest ready to sit, so fingers crossed I will get a blue egg every day............... :lol:


Glad you mentioned Lidl Christian i am going to pop over later and get some fruit bushes and soil conditioner............. :lol:

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Cor...this is dire...I've never been so desperate to see a red arrow in my life.


I've made some soup and a fruit loaf to pass the time...and am now actually considering tackling youngest son's bedroom...which requires a wheelbarrow and a pitchfork.:roll: I've got the putting together of my Linkabord raised bes to do...but might save that till tomorrow!


Is there any more tea left in the pot??

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No - mine has a tinge of blue - think its the carpet fluff mixed in !!!


I know a bit about this.

The electricity (static,I think) attracts carpet particles into the computer,so if you put the tower on top of a piece of board it keeps cleaner :D

Our last computer died because of this,so we got oak floors this time around.


Full of useless information,me :?

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