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Copper Blue Marans - Or - Meadowsweet Bluebelle

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(Bluebelle)I'd love to have a Blue hen. (Bluebelle)


I beleive that the Meadowsweet Bluebelle is based on a Marans - does anyone have one and do they lay chocolate coloured eggs?


Does any one know where I could get one pure Copper Blue Marans close to Manchester/Stockport prefereably at POL


I know somebody on the forums can point me in the right direction :pray:

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I have 3 Bluebelles, but they lay light to mid-brown eggs.


But they are gorgeous big, bonnie, buxom, beautiful girls - they are just the most fantastic chooks to have - friendly and placid - you have to get one!!!!!!!

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I think I've decided - it will be a new Bluebelle at weekend :D


Now got to decide on the name... "(Dr.) Evadne" I think from Hinge and Bracket


I know Phil Melland at Leek has a new delivery of meadowsweet chooks on Saturday.


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That's great news. Bluebelles are lovely!!! Mine lay really well and much better than our Black Rock. They're also more friendly and lay lightish brown eggs, most of the time speckled.


It's funny though as Starlet eats little bits of gravel out the plant pots and she has 3D bumps on the tops of her eggs!!!

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