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I've just had a BRILLIANT thought as I rushed in and out this evening in a hailstorm to check if the hens had gone to bed - they hadn't so I had to out again. I wanted to shut the eglu door and take in their food.

Idea: there should be a pressure pad on the threshold to the eglu which then rings a buzzer inside the house. Two buzzes means that bothe Henna and Penna have retired to bed. Then I can go out in the cold, knowing it's the only time I need to.

During the day the buzzer going would indicate that someone has gone in to lay an egg :)


What do you think? Should I put it to Omlet?

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Brilliany idea Caz! But mine spend so long sitting to lay, I'd want one that buzzes when they come out! Oh hang on, when any of them are laying, Fizz likes to wander in and out to check up on them.........

Might not be such a good idea for my chooks after all! :lol::lol:

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