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Animal Farm Ch 4 Mon Night.

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Did anyone else watch this?


Belgian Blue cattle bred to be extra muscular.....the bovine Schwartzenegger! The chap who tasted the steak from one of these creatures said as it was completely tasteless he wondered why so much effort had gone into creating these monsters.


A variety of featherless chickens has been created for use in hot countries, so that the birds will put on weight and not waste energy in trying to cool down. He tried to make it sound as if it was being done out of concern for the chickens but he didn't fool me....MONEY was the motivation.


Giant salmon and rabbits with luminous green jellyfish DNA!


A bizzare programme with a very irritating female presenter, but interesting and debate provoking.

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No it wasn't Cat Deeley, who my son describes as his future wife! :shock: quote]


He'll have to fight off chookiehubbie first.... :roll::roll::roll:


I half saw it, and was quite disturbed by the sight of the bulls, and the fact that they were described as tasteless - why bother then? :?


The chickens didn't particularly bother me - it would save on some vicious feather plucking, I guess, but you're right Egluntine, money and not chicken welfare was most definately the motivation, no matter what they claimed.

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I saw the first half but to be honest most of what they were on about I had seen elsewhere so there were no shocks :roll:


Many cross dairy cattle have belgian blue in them you can tell as they often have a double muscled rump :shock: Farmers do this so if the offspring are male (therefore useless to a dairy farmer) they have a meat resale value where pure dairy have no meat value and you don't want to know what happens to them then :cry:


Didn't they hgave glow in the dark pigs as well or was I dreaming that bit I was very tired :lol:

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Didn't they have glow in the dark pigs as well or was I dreaming that bit I was very tired :lol:


You're right Louise...they did....I can think of no possible use for them unless you are looking for bacon in the dark and your fridge light has broken.


Very sinister. :shock:

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Hmmmmmmmmmmm never though of that :lol:


I doubt it but I would be wary of where the introduced genes might end up you digest the protein and that is where the glowing gene is you would be more likely to end up with glowing intestines :lol:


I think I should stop thinking about this now :anxious:

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