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I bought a rhubarb plant a month or so ago and Dan has planted it in a pot and it is in the greenhouse


It doesn't seem to be thriving though


Have we planted it too late, should it be covered so it's not getting any light ? :?


I'm really not sure what to do with it, all the advice I have read on the internet seems to say rhubard is very hardy and will grow anywhere


Does anyone have any advice? I was looking forward to rhubard crumble :)


This does not bode well for my planned raised veg boxes, although my seedlings are doing very well ATM

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Hi Debs :D


it could be that you are being too kind to your rhubarb :? I just bunged ours into the ground with some compost under the roots and left them to it. You could try it outside for a while, if you cover them I'm not sure you can't keep using them for years, although I'm probably wrong :?


Good luck,


karen x

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I used to 'force' rhubarb when I was little we got some thin metal sheeting (like really thick kitchen foil) and put this round the plant so the light only came in at the very top which made it try harder to grow :?


It seemed to work 15 years ago :lol:

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You are supposed to do nothing for the first year to allow the plant to establish itself.


Harvest only a few sticks at a time for the second year, and then when they are well established away you go.


Never leave fewer than 4 sticks on a plant when you do harvest or it might not be able to grow again.


After a few years, you can divide the plants.


In the autumn, cover with a dollop of well rotted manure.


I prefer mine with custard. :lol:

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Thank you everyone who replied, I knew you wonderful people would come to my assistance :D


I think we'll put it outside, in a nice sunny spot and just leave it alone.


Thanks again everyone, great advice as usual

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...another thing to think about is that there are a few things rhubarb don't like. :shock:


Don't leave them hungry - make sure they have good, well rotted manure below the roots.


Don't let them dry out - sandy soil or rocky soil is no good - they will dry out and die.


But they can rot too - if you put too much mulch or compost over main crown - so be careful they don't rot from too much manure over the top.


Someone else mentioned leaving the plant for the first year - this is right - make sure the plant establishes in the first year by not ripping out the leaves. Let them grow so the roots will grow strong - then next year it will go ballistic!


When taking stalks, remember to TWIST the stalks low down so they come away with a satisfying crack, rather than snapping them or pulling up the crown!! :?


Hope that helps. I have found that after 3 years the crown will need splitting in four with a spade - then you can establish again and have loads more!! :P

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