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"Any Dream Will Do"

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Did anyone watch this on Saturday night? I know one of the boys in the final 50!!


Well, I say 'know', but I don't really 'know' him - he works in the local Tesco, that I used to work in. He was the first auditionee that was put through to the final 50. :D:D I really hope he does well - he's a nice guy, and thoroughly deserves something better than a job in such a rubbishy place as he has now!

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I saw it as well :D


It was tough for some of them tonight - and I kept missing bits as Carl was busy scaring the wits out of the dog by setting off the smoke alarms :roll: Jazz was bouncing off the walls and running around with his Crocs in her mouth :?


...... and I watched Grease on ITV as well :D I love the songs in both.

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Your right Dan - I just couldn't get into 'Maria' because I've never really been a sound of music fan, but have loved Joseph since I was wee!

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