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Cate in NZ

Just because I can!!!

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Hi all, sorry I've not got time to read all the new posts since I last logged on, so I'll save that treat for when I get home, but I couldn't resist popping on the forum to wish you all a great day tomorrow at Jimmy's. I'm sure that you'll all have a fabulous time, I wish that I could join you all, but with any luck at all I'll be around for the next Jimmy's meet :D

I hope that the sun shines and that you all raise lots of awareness and funds for BHWT.

I'm not around much at the moment because I'm on holiday :D . Down under in New Zealand and having a fantastic time. This is the most beautiful country, stunning scenery, friendly people, great wine :wink: We've spent 3 days in Auckland and 2 with a friend in a small town called Cambridge and now we're gradually working our way down North Island and are currently staying in a town called Rotorua. The children have tried bungy jumping and zorbing today, as well as a couple of other whacky activities, oh, and we watched a sheap shearing demonstration. Very slick and a lot more fun than it sounds.

OK, we're 11 hours ahead of you (I think) and it's now 21:15, so I'm off to refresh my drink and perhaps fit in a quick dip in the pool before I try to grab an early night.

Loads of good wishes for tomorrow, and I'll be back on (with photos :roll: ) after I get home next week :D:D

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Enjoy the rest of your holiday Kate - we're hoping ot go back to NZ later this year - we went a couple of years ago and loved every minute, plus it gives me a rare chance to visit my grandparents, uncle, aunty, cousins etc too :D


I can't wait to do another bungy! :lol:

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Thanks all. I just love this, 13,000 miles away and an 11 hour time difference and I can still attempt to keep up with the forum :roll: 5:30pm here, so the lull before dinner, and I'm having a quiet half hour of forum time :wink: . I'm guessing most of you are still sleeping as it's just me and 1 guest on right now :D

We've moved on from Rotorua now, now in Napier a beautiful Art Deco city in the heart of the Hawkes Bay wine region. Beautiful :D:D:D .

Not sure that I want to come home........ loving it so much here, very warm, clean and friendly with such stunning scenery.

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