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Well, as well as being a glorious day, it was my first 5-egg-day since they started laying again after the winter. Even Ruby graced us with one of her torpedo eggs, although you can't see the shape properly in the picture below..



Clockwise from the blue egg at top left...Dolly 44g, Betty 35g, Sadie 41g,


Ruby (torpedo egg) 28g, Fleur 33g. You can't really see the shape of Ruby's egg here, but it's another long thin one. They are all nestling on my antique Bakelite egg weighing gadget.


Phil has been coming down to my house in the day and teaching the hens some tricks; aided by a bowl of corn!








Ruby and Betty are the most inquisitive and stomach-led out of all of them. Betty will often land on your shoulders and perch there for quite a while, peering round into your eyes.

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Your hens are very pretty Clare


The other day i walked into the run with a scoop full of corn to scatter for the girls and Polly jumped onto my arm to get to the corn before the others. She has always been the most timid but since we built the girls the new run, Polly has become the most adventurous. Now i just have to go in, hold my arm out and call her and up she jumps, most of the time anyway :wink:

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Thanks guys.


Bron - the brown one is Betty the barnevelder bantam - she was hatched last year from a clutch of eggs that Lesley 'lent' us. There's a long story attached to these Barnevelders that Lesley and Carl have...they used to belong to Pearl, my chicken lady and I always coveted them, but they were never for sale. When she retired and sold up, L & C bought her trio; when we were hatching, I asked whether I could keep a female, so that's how I got Betty.


The black and white one is Ruby, she's one of my original birds and is now over two years old. She's a silver laced wyandotte bantam. Ruby Tuesday was very poorly the first winter after I had her and I ended up having to inject her with Baytril twice daily. The resp. infection that she had left its mark on her egg laying tackle and since then she's laid fewer eggs, and they've been torpedo shaped. But she's such a lovely girl that I can forgive her anything.

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