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Martin B

Preserving Our Harvest

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Well then, it is officially the growing season, and by the sounds of it we're all going to be buried under endless amounts of fruits and vegetables. I have a few ideas of how to preserve some foods. Pickled Onions, Strawberry Jam and Tomato Chutney all spring to mind.


How will you be preserving your crops?


Spill the beans. :wink::lol::lol::lol:




All recipes appreciated also!

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Runner and French Beans, Caulifllower, Peas will be frozen

Peppers, Strawberries, Herbs, Tomatoes will be dehydrated.

Turnips, Leeks, Squash, Courgette, Parsnip, Cabbage I have no idea


Lettuce, Cucumbers, Spring Onion, Salad Potatoes, mini Corn will be eaten.

Beetroot I hope to pickle.

Compost bin Pumpkin will be made into soup and a lantern :D

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Veg I tend to freeze.. though mushrooms tend to be soup-ified and then frozen.


Fruit either ends up in jam or homebrew, depending on whether I let the other half brew it. Lavender/elderflower also ends up in cordials.


Got an ice-cream maker for Christmas, which may result in some pretty good ice-creams this year, though. :D

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pick off the plant tops once flowers have set (this deters the dreaded blackfly) and stir fry them.


some people use small, immature pods whole like mange tout.


I like my broad beans (out of the pods) blanched then fried with small cubes of pancetta or bacon and chopped spring onions.

you can aslo add a tin of tomatoes if you like :D


when you get smaller amounts towards the end of the crop, take out of the pods and blanch (I slip them out of their skin too to reveal the jewel like bean inside) and spread on a lid to freeze before putting in a freezer bag.

Over the course of a season I add to this bag all my 'odds an sods' that are not quite enough for a meal, onions, peas, the odd bit of broccoli etc.

By winter time you have a wonderful veggie mix for stir fries and stews :wink:

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:oops::oops: Can anyone tell me what to do with broad beans ( keep it polite :lol: ) I don't believe I have ever eaten one in my life!


Egluntine, you don't know what you are missing! best fresh and young, just cooked lightly and then served with a bit of butter ... if they are older, cook them and serve in parsley sauce. Yum, yum ..


Back to Martin's original thread, it's the first time I've grown veg for years so I don't know if I'll have any surplus - tomato chutney, and freezing some veg - I'm expecting a glut of courgettes/squash, and I'm guessing they will be best frozen as soup. Fruit - if I get any raspberries, they are going in my Rumtopf!

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