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Battery Hen questions

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All ex batteries are vaccinated so that's easy for me to answer. If you have a look at www.bhwt.org.uk it will give you all the info. They need a couple of weeks of TLC to get used to the new surroundings, grow feathers and build bone mass. They have only stood still for a year so need to get back into shape :D


Anything else we can answer just ask, oh and they are rehomed as 3 or more. :wink:



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I'm sure you will be fine :D as Claret said they will need their own house as they may be too weak to walk around much :(


Pixie one of my girls was so bruised she was unable to even walk for the first 3 or 4 days, and spent all her time sat in a washing up bowl full of straw :( with water and food close by, but now she is one of the most robust chooks :D


They also may need a water dropper like rabbits use, and they are not used to a bowl of water, I put one in next to the glug so they would get the idea, which didn't take long :)


They really are very special chooks :D


karen x

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We've only had our three ex-batts for 3 weeks and they have been super-stars. Its rare for us not to get 3 eggs each day, Amber lays XXXlarge eggs, Ruby & Pearl are 'only' XL!!! One of them even laid on the afternoon we brought them home - vote of confidence for their Eglu home.

Only one of the three was really scruffy and its taking a while for her feathers to come back because she was also pulled about when they were sorting out the 'pecking order' in the first few days.

They've built up their leg muscles and can kick the soil from my flowerbeds huge distances, thank heavens for Omlet chicken fencing which allows me to keep them contained to one area.

They're really friendly, following me round the garden nosying into everything and two of them 'demanding' regular cuddles.

I found the Omlet site and the BHWT site really helpful and also the tips suggested by other chookkeepers eg getting them back in the Eglu run is easy with the bribe of grapes or tinned sweetcorn. My advice, go for it and give some hard-working girls a wonderful semi-retirement. :D .

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I'm hoping to rescue some battery hens soon. Are there any basic questions you think I should ask before rescuing any?? i.e. vaccinations etc.


Edit - Hi Sue - moved you over to the more appropriate 'chickens' section - Gina :D


Just wondered how you're getting along, Sue?

Swimming against the tide of opinion here, but I just wondered a couple of things.

You've just had such a sad time with ill hens, are you really sure you want to be taking on ones which will need that extra care & attention & handling?


Also, does this leave Molly on her own? She couldn't just go straight in with ex batts. Are you getting a companion or 2 for her anyway?


Perhaps it is the right time for you, in which case I'll be full on encouragement! Let us know what you do. :):)

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