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Tina C

The UK's favourite word is - LOVE

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From the ICAN website


Thanks to everyone who added their favourite word to the online Wall of Words. With your help we have unlocked a £50,000 donation from Openreach, a BT business. We have also discovered that the UK’s favourite word is love! The Scots preferred numpty (an abbreviation of numbskull) and the Welsh preferred cwtch (cuddle). The UK’s five favourite words are, in order, Love, Serendipity, Family, Sunshine, Chocolate


You can still add your favourite word to the wall. Visit www.wallofwords.co.uk




I voted for Serendipity. what's your favourite?


(Interested to see if chickens comes up!)

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Can't choose a favourite word, too many to choose from :? ....erm, nope, can't decide :roll: ! I think it would be a mild swearword (which I can't write here) as saying it with conviction gives me a certain feeling of self satisfaction! [i know, I know, it's not big and it's not clever to swear :oops::lol: ]


One of my favourite words in Spanish is burbuja meaning bubble :D

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Flip flop, pulchritudinous, pyroclastic, cataclysmic, extrude, wobble, melifluous, serendipity.


Kate - I can't even pronounce half of yours!! :shock:


I like Pebble.


.....and I am partial to a northern accent when they say 'kitchen roll' (Emma :wink: )

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