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Shaun the sheep

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Has anyone else been watching Shaun the sheep? :D

It's a Wallace and Gromit spin off on CBeebies on freeview at 6pm. The time got changed so parents could watch it. I think it is really sweet, although was doing the excercises Shaun does in the opening titles for days with my arms without realising where I'd got it from. :oops::lol:

The sheep poo is very amusing :roll:

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I so love Shaun the Sheep! :dance:


He is really cool 8) - i have missed some episodes but i loved the one where the sheep went into town to order pizza - v funny :lol::lol:


The one with the bull was great too esp when the sheep dip was turned red by the naughty pigs :lol::lol:


I had a Shaun shoulder bag which i used when i went clubbing - it was just big enough to hold my keys and cash :D:D

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I like the red sheep dip too, and the way poor Timmy has been used as a paintbrush and a board rubber. It's the little quirks like the sheep poo :!: when the bull is charging, and just run in cicles round the tree even when the bull stops chasing which is so like an animal.


I've no excuse at 26, not even got children as an excuse :oops:

I like the way it is good clean humour, and a lot of detail goes into it.

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