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First Time Veg Grower

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I've been so influenced by everyone on here that I've gone from being a hardened flower gardener and started growing my very first veg. The idea was to have a window box type thing with toms, parsley and peppers. that progressed to a plastic greenhouse and potato bags to this:




All completed yesterday afternoon. The chooks were a great help:



Managed to get some topsoil from freecycle today so now just waiting for the rain to stop. Can't wait to start planting! :dance::dance::dance:


(Sorry - had to share it with someone! :roll::wink: )

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Wow - someone has been busy. Get some radishes in quick - they give fast results and taste delicious.... and rocket will grow quickly too. Also - ask for some plants on Freecycle. you never know someone might have started off too many beans etc

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Ooohh another use for freecycle - hadn't thought of that, thanks Tina! :lol:


I've got some radishes in pots and some baby lettuce leaves, cucumber, runner beans and peas all waiting to go in. Plus got carrot, courgette and sweetcorn seeds. :lol:

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i've gone from flowers to veg too. We inherited a greenhouse with the farm and an old boarded veg patch that we have renovated. I dug out mature compost from the muck heap (also inherited :roll: ) and now have a huuuuuge salad bed and various veg in the greenhouse and strawberries and 5 rows of corn in the bed,already quite tall.

I mixed the manure with sand and plant food pellets and blow me if they havent all grown. havent a clue what I'm doing really which makes it all fun!

your beds are really proffesional looking, well done :D

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I am a fist timer too,apart from timkering with a few tomos in my greenhouse.

Its really addictive this veggie growing lark.Mine are in raised beds a bit like yours Snowy,with a lovely mix of earth & composted Aubiose & Chicken Poo 8)


Everything is going great guns & we had our first produce over the weekend - some wonderful Radishes.

We have Peas,Corn,Lettuce,Spring Onions,French Beans,Beets,Pots & Carrots all on the go at the moment.


Yours looks great & I really like the log-roll paths...what a fab idea :P

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