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Calling all bunny owners! Very Important reading.

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Hello everyone!

You may or may not know about 'flystrike'. This happens when bunnies get dirty bottoms, which attract flies, which then lay fly eggs in the wet/dirty area. These eggs ONLY take betwee 8 and 10 hours to hatch into maggots that start to borrow and eat into the flesh around the dirty area.

It is very dangerous because the rabbit usually goes into shock very quickly, and can often be fatal.

I am telling you this because a few days ago my rabbit came down with flystrike. The day before, he was absolutely normal, his cheeky self who pounced on the hand that feeds him. I went out to feed him the next morning and he was lying down, with his legs stretched out as if he was relaxing, and made no move to try and bite me as usual. I gently pushed him and he still wouldnt get up, and i knew something was very wrong and he was in shock. i picked him up and saw that he had maggots crawling in the area under his tail, so we rushed him to the vet.

The vet said we had caught it just in time before any fatal damage could be done, and he was knocked out while they removed all of the maggots from his tail end and in his skin, and dosed him up with an insecticide injection to kill any that may have remained. He is now back at home after a weekend at the vets, and we are using a product called rear-guard, to kill any fly eggs that may be lain on him and stop them hatching. We also have to check his bottom twice a day.


It was a terrifying experience, as an expericed bunny owner i never expected this could happen to a healthy bun living in a clean cage. However i now know it only takes one sticky poo to cause this nightmare.


the vet said risk indicators can be:

Overweight rabbits unable to clean themselves

Dirty cages attracting flies

Long haired breeds

Poor diet causing diahorrea.


If you suspect fly strike, get your rabbit to the vets immediatly and don't wait for an appointment, time is of the essence. Don't attempt to wash the maggots off yourself because wet fur is near impossible for the vets to clip away when you arrive, but you can pick off visible maggots youself if you are not squeemish, leave your vet to do the rest.



Please please take heed and check your rabbits often. I would hate anyone to have to go through this.


Claire xxx

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