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Mars U turn

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Well it won't have much impact on me as a marketing ploy - except now that I've managed to wean myself off the M&M's.......... I won't start buying them again! :D


I notice that they were going to be adding the non veggie. whey to their ice-creams as well :shock:

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'Power to the people'...


Layla told me the news with a big smile on her face this morning.


Now all I have to do is establish whether or any of the products now going on the shelves are veggie or not and if they are going to use the V symbol on their packaging to help us idetntifiy what is and is not vegetarian....


Thanks to everyone who emailed.

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I think my OH had shares in M&M's at one time. Totally addicted. I'm really pleased about the Mars decision, even if it was just because they would loose loads of profit, they did listen to us.


I'm a bit partial to crunchies at the moment...

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