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BHWT Silent Auction

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That lovely lady from "Count Your Chickens" has come up trumps again for the BHWT.


SO, why not take a look at the following item and stick your hand deep into your pockets for this very worthwhile cause:




With this surprisingly cheeky cushion you won't need a real cockerel in the garden. Just pull the egg and the cushion emits a genuine crow.


Size 42cm x 42cm/16.5" x 16.5". Appliquéd picture on polycotton cover with zip opening for polyester cushion pad. Removable sound box, battery included.



So, If you're interested, PM me the amount you are willing to bid. I will notify you if you are the highest bidder, and if and when you are outbid.



This auction will end on Saturday 9th June at midnight.


Happy bidding everyone! :D

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silent |?s?l?nt| adjective not making or accompanied by any sound : the woods were still and silent. • (of a person) not speaking : she fell silent for a moment. • not expressed aloud : a silent prayer. • (of a letter) written but not pronounced, e.g., b in doubt. • (of a movie) without an accompanying soundtrack. • saying or recording nothing on a particular subject : the poems are silent on the question of marriage. • (of a person) not prone to speak much; taciturn : I'm the strong, silent type.




Its a SILENT auction! :wink::wink:

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