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where can i buy?

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If youve ready teh chicken clinic, you'll know that my favuorite huen , innara died on Saturday.


Im having a real hard time getting over it, and i have started looking for a replacement for her. Ive exhauseted my self looking and i cant semm to find any where near Tamworth in Staffs.


ive been given the email list from Omlet and most of them either didnt work ,where a B&B and one was wholesale pullets?!


the meadowswwet poutly agent isnt open on mondays (do these ppl work?)


im getting desperate, i need a new spark of liife and joy , ive had a really bad month with illness, now house bound, flood in the house last week, kitchen ruined, and now Innara dying.


Does anyone know anywhere i can go or someone who will delivery nationwide Pullets. Plz remeber im now house bound and cant walk/ drive


thanks for your help. im on a real low

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I had a look through a copy of Practical Poulty and could not find any breeders with an 01827 code (grew up in your area). Sorry. Hope someone comes along to help soon - you sound so down and we omleteers like to look after sad chicken lovers.

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Sorry I did try getting back on earlier. I've resorted to firefox

The only places I could find that delivered were out of pols for ages and I couldnt find anywhere local to you.


I would keep phoning your meadowsweet bod until you get an answer or is there a meadowsweet number if you cant get through?

I did so want to help and you will get a new girl it might just take a few days.


Unless of course there are any omlet nuts living near you who can help out

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Hiya Luvvie,


Have you tried White house Poultry at Penkridge Staffordshire

07952 192924 They are rare breed breeders. Give them a call & see what they can do. Other than that - the Wernlas collection at Ludlow Shropshire.Tel. 01584 856318

I have visited these and they have everything you can possibly think of!

I am pretty certain they deliver too. I think that is where I will get my next ones from.

Are there any farm shops near you? Ring those & see if they have any POL chickens & if so ask if they would deliver.


There is this breeder in Crewe that advertises in the Buy & Sell - whether they deliver, I don't know but they have Black rocks, Leghorns, Light Sussex etc Tel: 01270 820626 / 07946761435


Good luck!


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Fleata, if you don't have any luck elsewhere, I could pick you up a bluebelle or a Cream legbar this sunday, and bring it to you when I go to my parents wedding on 2nd June. I was raised in Tamworth and they still live there, so if you could wait a couple of weeks (and I know I probably couldn't) that's not a problem for me. the legbars are £20 and the bluebelles are £10.

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Fleata: I would take Aunty e up on her kind offer.


It's absolutely hopeless trying to buy chickens if you haven't got a car. I don't have one, and I can't find anyone who will deliver to me unless I order 50 chickens or more! That number would be more than enough for the most devoted Omleteer.


While Googling in vain (first on my behalf at the weekend and now on yours), I have been adding chicken breeders to the Omlet Breeder Directory Wiki. There are lots of counties unrepresented: perhaps other people could start to fill it up.


I have only been able to find Moorlands Poultry in your area, and they are indeed closed on Mondays. You could try tomorrow and see if someone nice works there.

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Glencroft Poultry have called me back and have a Columbine and a Bluebelle i can have and will deliver, just waiting for a call back when delivery will be, thanks for all your offers.


you have all been a help


thank you

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Oh thank goodness for that! The man at Glencroft is lovely, when I was trying to get hold of a columbine he was going to drive to London with one :oops: In the end we got lovely Purdy the araucana, but he was so helpful. Hope you feel a bit perked up, I cried all day at work when Purdy died last week. I've got some lovely pekins and a Welsummer, and a Maran and a Cream legbar coming to cheer me up. I wasn't sure I could get another 'Purdy' as it would have been like just replacing her, and it's quite tricky to find araucanas which aren't lavender. Hurray for nice chicken people! Mine are coming from www.poultrymad.co.uk in Louth as OH is doing Kiss Me Kate there at the mo.

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Glencroft called today at 8.05 they are coming TODAY!!!





so they will be here lunch time. he has really made my day a 19 week olf Bluebelle and Columbie. A really nice guy. I couldnt thank him enough. Just waiting now and too excited to sleep

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