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chickens fave' treats

chickens' favorite treats  

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  1. 1. chickens' favorite treats

    • sweetcorn
    • grapes
    • raisins
    • meal worms
    • bread
    • cereal

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Mine really love grapes the best (I think) :roll: but they HATE meal worms - I've tried feeding them every once in a while since I've had the girls and even bought different tubs just in case there was a problem with the first tub but they just wont eat them :roll:




Without a single doubt, mealworms are the very very best treat in the whole world for my chickens. Nothing beats a mealworm :lol:

Laura, I am very happy to buy your unwanted mealworms. :)

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Yep mine love mealworms too esp the live ones, :vom: i only ordered them once by mistake, but im sure the girls are hoping it happens again! :lol:


Strawberries are a top treat too, and sweetcorn, and cucumber and blueberries and grapes and ... do i need to go on? :lol::lol:

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Mine love grapes. They love mealworms too - the live ones of course :roll: ! I don't buy them too often so they are a real treat...the hamsters love live mealworms too but it's a bit :vom: to watch them eating them - grab, spin around, bit off head, munch, munch, munch :vom::lol:

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