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Hi you lucky New Forest Dwellers :wink:

I would imagine that Omlet are limiting their colours. Sometimes they do "guest" colours - they used to do chocolate brown one, but by the time I wanted one it had gone. They dont do Mark 2 yellow eglus either - and those who have them are real fans - you only need to ask AnnieP!!

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Thanks for those comments - although we never have had a particular problem with flies, but good to know. :)


...so considering another one to go with our yellow one, red or orange Fee? :shock: Might be a bit bright, I thought something cooler and more restful, like the green, blue or purple.


I remember the chocolate one too, it was a shock when that came out. How about a nice black gothic one? Might get a bit hot in the sun though! :oops:

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......Johannes was very envious of my yellow Eglu... said he wanted one and wished they hadn't stopped making it. AND they only stopped making it with the launch of the Rablu and the orange Eglu, as they thought orange would be great with rabbits (which it is: think carrots: It has a subliminal link).

SO: Finally the real reason for why the yellow was discontinued is known. And its nothing to do with flies!


This is quoted from Annie's Cube arrival post. :lol:


I think the flies was a myth perpetuated by some of us in a discussion a while back, now clearly an Urban Legend.


Do you want to start running, Egluntine? :lol: Hope Annie's not feeling too violent today. :lol::lol:

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They should introduce some omlet transfers so you can decorate your eglu or cube. You can get them for wheely bins presumably these would stick to eglus too. A purple cube would look great with yellow polka dots


You could also have alloy wheels for your cube!


You could even have a TV series 'Pimp My Cube'


Ok I'll stop now.



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Here I am......*rolling up sleeves* Now....

WHERE'S EGLUNTINE?........ :lol::lol::lol:


Trembling and hiding round a corner.........I did say that I liked the colour!.......that knocking sound you can hear is my knees!


Perhaps we should start a bring back yellow campaign!

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I take it from from your last post AnnieP that eglu pimping has already bin done!!


edit; got the wrong end of the stick as your post came in straight after mine. I thought you were rallying Eglutine to join forces and come and get me for stealing your ideas!! :lol:




Everytime I invent something I find out someone has already done it. It happened with the light bulb, the internal combustion engine, the eglu, the time machine, The automatic washing, drying and ironing machine to mention but a few.


The automatic washing/drying/ironing machine was only done on 'Lost in Space' I think they cheated.


Once I get the prototype perfected................




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erm..... the pimping of Eglus has been done........ Motherhen painted one of hers and then I painted flowers on two of mine. When the yellow Eglu came, it had orange doors, so I painted them yellow with cream and pink stripes - because I don't like orange :wink:

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Egluntine, as you are going to be the head of our "Bring back Yellow" campaign, you're officially forgiven. :wink:


Phew....thank you! I was going to have sleepless nights.


Seriously though.....should we? I was thinking I had the perfect spot in my garden for a yellow cube.


It would mean that the existing yellows would no longer be "collectors items"!

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...so considering another one to go with our yellow one,


There's only one colour that would go with the yellow......


*clears throat*


Altogether now......




Then every time you go out into your garden you will be reminded of that classic tune.....






(I'll get my coat, shall I?)

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:shock: What have I started? :shock:


I remember those that were painted a while back, I thought they were great, didn't someone post some photos of them, I am sure I saw some... :think:


Maybe the boys could tell us what kind of paint would be ok to use on the eglu that (a) would not hurt the chickens and (b) last more than one season!


And it is a good point about the yellow now being a collectors item! We are unique! :lol:


...so the flies thing is a myth - that's a relief. But Surely if they allow orange/carrot colour for the bunnies, they should allow yellow/sweetcorn colour for the chooks! If the colour of the eglu is driven by the colour of the food of the resident - then what does blue represent? Let's look at them all...


(orange eglu) - Carrots, ok got that one.

(red eglu) - Red peppers? Steak?

(green eglu) - Grass, Grapes and greens, an easy one.

(yellow eglu) - Sweetcorn, cheese, grains.

(pink eglu) - Bubblegum?

(blue eglu) - Blue cheese?

(brown eglu) - Chocolate Cake?

(purple eglu) - Grapes and purple kale/broccolli


I struggled with blue and pink, as you can tell. Alternatively, if you think I am being an over-analytic neurotic :roll: , please feel free to point this out. (Like you would have held back anyway).


But all in all, very happy to see I am not the only big fan of yellow! :wink: All we need now is a name and a slogan...

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