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Hangovers are never good, but when you wake up with a hangover in the Big Chicken Eglu, you should realise that sympathy from the great Chicken may be hard to come by. Poor Campine Gerry was the worst hit, as he complained about the late night antics from his fellow househens, who had been larking about in the Eglu once the door had been shut for the night. "Someone was pecking my tail feathers," he complained, "I tried to kick 'em, but they were too fast. And someone took a nick out my wattles. My head blumming hurts this morning. Can I have a paracetamol please?" The Campine continued to whinge, and it was down to Bluebelle Nicky to take him under her wing, and soothe the poor cockerels hangover. With evictions looming, the last thing any of the Househens needed was a sore head.


The househens spent a tense, but harmonious day preparing for the impending evictions, and it was with great trepidation that they gathered on the tree stump in the garden to await the news. Imagine their surprise and delight when the run door opened and a new househen entered the run. Billi, a Plymouth Rock with a passion for CWF (Chicken Wrestling Foundation) is a model with campaigns for Clucken Klein and Ralph LaurHen under his wing. His worst fear is to wake up and discover his feathers have all fallen off, and he claims that 'good looks, good clucks and bullet-proof eggs' are the way to his heart. As the househens gathered round the newest member of their flock, they were delighted when another new cockerel arrived. Maran Jonathan is a self-made millionare, although he claims to live his live in a chaotic fashion. 'Give me a minute and I'll make a mess, give me an hour and I'll eat all the shredded paper' he claimed on his application. He lists poultry magazines ('I can't get enough of the page 3 chicks') and comedy films ('That "Three cockerels and a Chicky" is my favourite film ever') as his favourite things.


With cockerel overload, the househens began to get over-excited, and the three nominated for eviction began to forget about the impending announcement, so when the third new househen arrived, the cherry brandy corks flew and the Eglu celebrated. Hunky Welbar Liam was an instant hit with the ladies. The tree surgeon instantly ingratiated himself with the girls by sneaking in a large bag of wood chips for the run, and the househens crowded round, eager to catch the sporty Welbars eye. Last into the mix was party chook Brian. A Sussex Star with a passion for 'cosmic ordering', Brian is a cockerel who likes a good night out - 'Cherry brandy, Midori, Southern Comfort, Amarula - you name it, I'll drink it" he claims. It's a shame then that his new friends lost the food task this week, and he faces a week of basic rations......


As the househens clucked about the new cockerels, it came as a bit of a surprise to hear the now infamous words of Davina McCaw, "Big Chicken Eglu, this is Davina. You are live on the Omlet forum, please do not swear". The househens gathered on the tree-stump and awaited the verdict of the public vote. There was no real surprise as irritating Wynadotte Shabnam was evicted with a massive 81.5% of the vote. Despite her apparent desire to leave the Eglu, it took a huge shove from Seanny to get her out of the run, and into the awaiting pie factory van, but eventually the dream was over for the first househen to be evicted from the Big Chicken Eglu 2007.


With alpha-male Ziggy uneasily checking out the new men, the Eglu residents settled down to a cosy night, snuggled up in the Eglu.


Is this the end of surprises in this years Eglu? Big Chicken will get back to you.... :wink:

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I couldn't understand why Charley wasn't up for eviction either - but then we're only shown what they want us to see and they do bias it towards/against the person whom the producers want to leave.


...and as for that pathetic swimming :shock: why were they struggling to swim just a few lengths of that tiddly pool :shock:

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a little note before i get round to updating Big chicken....


When you watch the highlights show on channel 4, it's been edited, sometimes well, sometimes badly, but I'm afraid you simply cannot believe anything you see on the highlights show - they edit things to manipulate sympathy, or hatred of certain housemates. You'll find that some housemates already have agents (most noteably a chap called John "Ooops, word censored!"le, who coincidentally also represents, amongst others, Davina McCall, Dermot O'Leary, Jade Goodey and Russell Brand - do you see the link....), and they may cpome out better in the editing. On last nights programme, they showed an arguement between Nicky and Carole, but showed next to none of the build-up to the reason why Carole was upset with Nicky , leaving Nicky look like the agrieved party, and Carole the wicked old witch - Nicky had in fact started the argument, by calling Carole 'an old hag', but that wasn't shown. Why? Possibly because Carole leaving wouldn't upset the 'show' too much, whereas Nicky has been in several arguments, along with a possible flirtation with Liam.


That said, I have just heard a wee rumour that Charley has in fact 'left the building'. There was a massive argument between her and jonathan in the wee small hours, and my 'crow in the know' thinks that she has either been removed, or has walked after the fight - I'll get back to you once I have concrete news.


PS: An example of how poor the editing is on BB this year:



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When you have 4 new househens, scratching about, looking for worms in the Big chicken Eglu, there really is only one way to help the day go by a bit quicker. With food supplies dwindling, and extra tummies wanting filled, Big Chicken set the newcomers a task, giving them a chance to ensure that they would all eat at least one good meal tonight. Handing out costumes, Big Chicken instructed them to learn this years British Eurochicken song "Laying an Egg (For You)", and choreograph a dance routine to go with it, with anything less than "douze points" being deemed a failure. With only an hour to complete the task, the run was soon full of laughter as the cockerels all proved to have two left feet. After much hilarity, the fearsome foursome of Jonathan, Brian, Liam and Billi performed their routine for Big Chicken, and were delighted when it was pronounced a success, and the hungry househens were rewarded with a bottle of Benedictine and a tub of mealworms.


With things seemingly settled and contended in the Eglu, the househens got back to doing what they do best - eating, but after a beakful of mealworms, and a slug of Benedictine, grumpy Buff Frizzle charley decided to tart herself up for the evenings festivities, only to discover that her feather-straighteners had been half-inched, leaving her with a distinctly, well....frizzley 'do' for the nights partying. After spending an hour searching unsuccessfully for the straighteners, she took herself off to the diary room, and bent the ear of Big Chicken until the even poor Big Chicken had had enough, and chased her into the Eglu for the night. With the extra househens snuggling up in the Eglu, space was at a premium, and lovebirds "Chiggy" took the opportunity to nestle up even closer. I wonder if we need to start thinking about what to wear to the wedding....

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Looks like 'chiggy' is no more, and we can put our wedding hats back in the nest box. But is there any truth to the 'threesome' allegations, or is this just Ziggy giving up his game, now that he thinks the prize money has gone?


Did anyone else see the psychiatrists programme on Sunday eve? It adds nearly as many insights as Big Chicken!

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Can I just apologise for the silence form BIg Chicken over the last week - my internet connection has been misbehaving....


Expect one giant update in the morning!!!

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What's a chook to do? Poor Charley was still clucking over the missing hair straightners, and in a bid to get some peace from the motor-mouthed Frizzle, Big Chicken adviced her to speak to her fellow househens. Donning the deerstalker, pipe firmly clenched in her beak, Charley set off with her magnifying glass, to look for the clues. It was a difficult search - the biggest clue would off course be to look for the househen with the straightest, glossiest feathers, but living in the Big Chicken Eglu tends to bring out the vanity in even the slobbiest househen, so Charley was left clutching at straws, and accused busty Rhode island Red, Laura of whipping the much coveted feather-straightening equipment. With both househens in full plucking mode, ziggy was left to step between the warring hens, and an uneasy peace settled in the Eglu.


Always one to take advantage of a grump, Big Chicken chose to supply the househens with a 'treat inna trug', and the househens were delighted to receive a pink trug full of mealworms, carrot cake, cauliflower leaves and the ever popular half bottle of Creme De Menthe. With the minty stuff flowing freely, and delighted Eglu were soon revelling in a racey game of 'Pin The Comb on Shabnam' in memory of their absent friend, with dares being issued to those who got nowhere near the wynadottes picture. With the party in full swing, Frizzley Charley threw caution to the wind, and started a foam fight, after emptying all of Seanny bubble bath into the garden pond, and before long it was clear that most of the househens swould be in need of the straightners in the morning!


A night of foam-filled fun, and no fall-outs - who'd of thought it?!





The jovial mood in the Big Chicken Eglu was unusual, and of course could never last long with this flock of househens. The Eglu awoke with a few headaches this morning after the night before, so arguements were soon starting up all over the Eglu. Frizzle Charley, always so careful with her (*ahem* fake) designer wardrobe, was horrified to find that stupid Seanny the White Star had chucked her favourite Henolo Blahniks into the garden pond at the height of last nights festivities, and the grumpy Frizzle quickly lost the plot. The poor White Star was left plucked and bruised following his encounter with the feisty frizzle, and was left vowing never to touch a hens shoes again.


Elsewhere, the househens contemplated the possibility of the break up of 'Chiggy'. "I caught Channelle lusting after that beaky Billy," gossiped Nicky, "She was checking out his wattles in the mirror this morning". while the other househens mulled over this revelation, they all agreed that 'Zigelle' had seemed a touch less...errr....amorous than usual.


With the upsetting prospect of Big Chickens very own 'Posh and Pecks' heading for a split, the househens were gutted when Big Chicken announced this weeks food task - Big Chicken was expecting the househens to work together, and row the length of Thames in a boat made from Glugs, strung together with garden twine. With only one househen allowed on the boat at any one time, Frizzle Charley pushed her way to the front of the queue, and started the the long 215 miles that faced the househens. In a bid to get the househens to show a bit of enthusiasm about this weeks food task, Big Chicken promised a special prize to the househen that rowed the most amount of lengths on the garden pond, and all were determined to win the prize.


With hangovers catching up with the househens, it wasn't long before, yet again, tempers flared with a full-on pecking session between Channelle and Gerry, after the camp Campine suggested that wag-wanabee Channelle had too much meat on her thighs to row for more than a few minutes. As the househens managed to calm down one fight, another brewed at the far end of the Eglu after over-tired Bluebelle Nicky called Norfolk Grey Carole a 'stupid of crow' amd pulled a full beakful of feathers from the aging birds tail. This was enough for the Norfolk Grey to refuse to ever help the Bluebelle with her preening problems, and the two former friends went to sleep at opposite ends of the Eglu.





With the food task in full flow, the day started with chesty Laura taking her turn in the glug-boat, somewhat unenthusiastically. Very soon a crowd gathered, as the house cockerels looked for some entertainment while the rest of the househens went in to lay. "You go girl" shouted Ziggy, "If you fall out, you'll float, so don't panic" Gerry joined in, with Liam adding "Get yer muscles out for the lads darling", somewhat unhelpfully. Red faced and puffed out, the Rhode Island Red completed 2 laps of the pond, before handing over the oars to Charley and disappearing off for a rest. Sadly Charley fell out of the boat, and it was a bedraggled, wet Frizzle that emerged from the pond. It was then that the househens got the shock of their lives, when Charley appeared to undergo a partial moult in 5 minutes, and it was an embarrassed househen who admitted to the flock that she was in fact a vain Naked Neck, who had entered the house with feather extensions in.


By the time Big Chicken had gathered the househens on the tree stump to announce the results of this weeks food task, the Naked Neck had manage to find a fetching feather boa to cover her embarrassment, and it was a happy flock, when it was announced that they had passed the task, and had rowed the full 215 miles of the Thames. Happy, but exhausted, the househens set off to bed, unaware of the twist that was waiting for them tomorrow.



Internet connection now fixed (I hope.....), and I'll do a further update later, and catch up with the rest tomorrow evening!

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