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I cannot beleive what my OH has done! :shock:


I am in total shock :shock:


I bought 3 G&B bars the other day, milk, mint & maya gold.

OH & I ate the milk and 4 chunks of the mint


Popped to the fridge just now thinking i deserve an afternoon treat after two lots of eglu cleaning and baking lemon biscuits and can i find the chocolate no i cant! :evil:


OH then casually says that he ate all the chocolate for his lunch the other day!




I am not best pleased and therefore am going to keep all the lemon biscuits to myself! :twisted:

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hubby's clearly overstepped the mark there eh? :roll::notalk::notalk:


He has a LOT of making up to do. Dont blame you eating all the lemon biscuits. :clap:


If I were you I would drive to the nearest shop, buy a couple more bars and then go and scoff the lot in front of him :lol::lol:

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OH believes he was justified in eating it as he hadnt eaten anything else til he found the chocolate at lunch time :roll::roll::roll:


He did mention that he was concerned that i had turned all Omleteers against him in posting about the 'chocolate incident' as its now known :lol::lol::lol:

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Yes, I'll bring it along :lol: - should make his eyes water! :lol:


I'm bringing a new forum member along :D - one that no-one told me about, who was looking for an Eglu-sitter. She lives in the next village to me but Martin and Clare didn't tell me about it :roll:


oh - and I'll bring Carl :D

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