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Hello & Yet Another Question about Hemcore

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Hello everyone


This is my first post (actually first post ever on a forum!). I visited the forum before I got my chickens (lurking and reading all of the great advice in preparation for their arrival!) Polly and Geraldine arrived on the 1st May - no eggs yet and none of the "pre-egg-laying" behaviours are being exhibited as described in the forum. Guess I just need to be patient...


Quick question about hemcore. I'm using it in the droppings tray, activating it with water etc. and it's great - definately less smell. I chose to use bark chippings in the run as I thought that Hemcore would blow all over the place - how did those of you who do use it in the run get on with it last weekend when we had torrential rain and gale force winds? Does it blow all over?

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I don't damp it down either ... a few hours being stamped around on and a little bit of poo seems to bind it together quite well! :roll:


The girls do kick it out through the side of the run, but they did that with the bark chippings as well.

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I use Hemcore...


I dont damp it down - and it stays much more absorbant in the litter trays if you dont do anything to it - just a light sprinkle thats all you need in there :D


In the run I have a layer about 6inches thick that my chooks dig in- just on bare earth. Its been there about 2 months and is now ready for changing... this time I dont think I'll put anywhere near as much in because really I wasted it with so much :roll:

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I haven't spread the hemcore this time round - just left it in a heap in run and the hens move it to where they wish. It gives them something to do and they leave under the cube bare as a dust bath area.


They were both were trying to eat out of the same hole in the grub this morning - silly things.


One of the hens steps down the ladder like a lady the other takes one step and then slides..... makes me giggle every morning :lol:


Helen in Hume

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