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Eglu Here - 20 mins humbug!

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Well it took a lot longer than 20 mins to put up. And its taken a lot of my fingernails off. Those clips are a total ***! So now I'm Eglu'd up I just need some hens to put in it. Latest idea for names is Danny & Sandy...


Heres the eglu...



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Congratulations - keep that picture, because there won't be any grass under there in a few days! Those clips are beasts aren't they - make your fingers very sore.


bet you can't wait to get your hens - have you chosen what sort yet?

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The garden is huge, thats just a small part of it! I know they will destroy the grass but hey - it grows back!


When they are settled I have a spot further from the house which is between a shed and a line of Torquay palms, its about 12ft square and really a beast to mow so I'm going to put down aubiouse (sp) and quarter them there.


Can't wait to have them running round the garden though...

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Grass is still OK, going to move them to their permanant home in the garden tomorrow. Its nice having them near the back door but I'm back at work tomorrow and Mum and DS are off to a caravan for the week so they will be on their own anyway.


I have a square of grass between a shed and a line of torquay palms which has a path in front and a raised bed behind. Its about 12ft square and they are going to live there. I can't mow it anyhow, not room to get a turn in! The evenutal plan is to build a large pen there, for now the eglu and run can sit there. Oh and its handy for the compost heap too - I was thinking of getting extra goodness into the compost and extra protection for my girls by getting DS to pee into the compost heap occasionally!

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Oh how we all remember our first experience of putting the eglu run together - and that lovely green patch of lawn :wink:


Nice that you have just the right spot earmarked for them!



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