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No more cakes!

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I won't be making any more cakes because:


Guess what.......Him Indoors has just been diagnosed with maturity onset diabetes.


I'd sort of kind of guessed for one reason or another so it's not exactly a huge surprise...in fact could be a blessing in disguise as he has stopped having 3 sugars in his tea and a tablespoonful on his weetabix! :roll:


He has lost a bit of weight already in fact is moaning as he had to buy a new dinner suit a few weeks ago as the old one was too tight.....now the new one hangs off him and the old one is a perfect fit!

Ah well.


But what am I going to do with all these eggs? I'm giving them away to anyone who calls at the house. Even the TV repairman was given a dozen today. He looked terrified and couldn't get away fast enough!!


(This'll be like Groundhog Day for Landgirl as she has heard all this already today as I went to see her gorgeous new girls)


I left my hens out free ranging when I was out and Him Indoors was "Looking after" them.


When I got home there were mutterings about "Your ****** hens"!


Two had escaped and he said "I had to touch the *******!"......


This is the best bit.......He went to his car first and got his driving gloves! :roll:

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Sorry to hear OH has developed diabetes, is it in the family? My BIL was diagnosed a couple of years ago, and at first thought it was the end of the world, but his health now is so much better :D


I don't know whether you want him to know just yet, but he will be able to eat a bit of cake once he gets stablised :wink:


karen x


Edit, that was meant to say he thought it was the end of the world

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Egluntine you do make me laugh even about the more serious issues :lol::lol:


I am sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis and if he has lost weight already then he is on the right track.


As for the eggs you could always donate some to a local homeless charity to use on their food rounds :?

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my mum has been diabetic for years, and it doesnt stop her from having cakes!!!! in moderation of course.


when she was first told she had it, me and my dad ate the same stuff as she did, but eventually as time went on we started having our old foods and she started to eat them aswell. every diabetic is different and aslong as they have it under control it really shouldnt be a problem. make sure your doctor is well up to speed and if he is referred to the hospital dont be afraid to ask them anything.


just look at steve redgrave he is diabetic and won an olympic gold medal at rowing after he was diagnosed.

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Egluntine, sorry about OH and diabetes, I hope that everything is ok.


I believe that you can get diabetic cakes - or at least recipes for diabetic cakes, I dont know what the difference is, I suppose that it could be a bit like the weigh"Ooops, word censored!"chers type cakes?

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A subject dear to my heart :D

I work a lot with people with type 2 diabetes, and the important thing is a healthy diet. Try this for a cake recipe, sounds yummy to me and I don't have diabetes :wink:


You'll see that it requires 2 eggs :wink:

That said of course cake should be an occasional treat not part of the staple diet, but that's the same for every one, not just those with diabetes.

When you check out the cake recipe I'd suggest a good look around the site- it's excellent :D

I hope Him Indoors is OK, and not too worried about his diagnosis. If you want any info just give me a shout and I'll point you in the right direction if I can.

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Thanks everyone.


That recipe looks good enough to eat, Afamily. Will give it a go.


He's already joined Diabetes Uk...off his own bat too!.....and has surprised me by being sensible about the whole thing, especially the sugar in tea! He is using Splenda tablets and has said they aren't too bad and don't have the bitter after taste that so many sweeteners tend to have.


I'm sure things will even out once he is used to a healthier diet. I must point out that I have done my utmost in the past to ensure that his diet is healthy :roll: , and in other ways it is. It is just the sugar addiction which has been the problem.


He has to see the nurse again in a month so we'll see.

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...... Just make sure you have the odd chocolate bar in the fridge hidden out of the way for when he needs a sugar boost.


? It makes a difference if it's being managed by diet alone (& poss. tablets) in which case it'll be helpful not to have temptation lurking!


But Liz, perhaps you're thinking of insulin dependent diabetes? My Mother has successfully managed with this for 35 yrs but we do need an emergency "sugar" ration if the balance is wrong.

We've found that dates are the best for her (they are used as the first food after fasting) if she is aware in time. For a quicker emergency fix she carries soluble glucose tablets.


Hope all goes well for OH, Egluntine. He may end up far healthier in the long run now that this is diagnosed. It's very easy to manage when it becomes habit, it's just these early days that are quite challenging. Medical advances have been terriffic in this area & are still improving. :)

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Just make sure you have the odd chocolate bar in the fridge hidden out of the way for when he needs a sugar boost.


Sorry Liz, I feel a bit mean doing this, but that statement above is a very commonly held misconception with diabetes, and completely untrue with type 2 diabetes. It has more relevance in type 1 although even then it's arguable, but people with type 2 do not need to boost their sugar levels with chocolate, or lucozade or spoonfulls of Tate & Lyle or whatever.

A little block of G&B's if he fancies it, especially after a meal is highly recommended for perking up the taste buds every so often of course :wink: ............. but not the blood sugar levels.

Sorry, off my high horse now :oops:

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