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Martin B

Exciting 2!

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Star is the name of Lesley's White Star.


There are

2 x blue egg laying bantam

2 x barnevelder

1 x buff orpington x welsummer

1 x white star x cream legbar

1 x welsummer x legbar

and 3 others who Lesley Carl and I do not recognise! :lol:


The Star egg has almost hatched, the head can now be seen but the chick is not fully out of the shell, it's a time where you want to rip the top of the shell off, but that wouldn't do the chick any good! :lol:

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A star is born! :D


Her name is Tara! :lol:


I went camping but came back because I wanted to see the progress.


In the ten minutes Tara has been out of her shell one of the others has really progressed and you can now see the beak coming in and out! :lol:


Pictures soon.....



I never knew these chicks would look like such drowned rats! :lol:

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You went camping but you came back? :? What sort of camping is that then? :roll::wink:


Star is our Sussex Star, not the Whitestar - the Whitestar is called Ploppy (Jake's choice :roll: ) - Poppy in polite company :wink:


I hope they've hatched now Martin?


...... and I hope you've also read the new Sticky about hatching? (Chickens section) - these chicks will make far more mess than the quail - I hope you're prepared for it?

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Well, I have 4 happy and healthy chicks. With 4 bantam chicks due on Monday/Tuesday, and if my candeling observations are correct, we should have 8 chicks by Wednesday, with all of the bantam eggs looking fertile.

Well the chicks are the talk of the family, and all sorts of people want to come around and have a look. :lol:


2 of the chicks have names, but the other 2 do not. I appologise for the awful photo quality, but the amount of natural light in my bedroom is absolutely shocking!






The next one is Tara...



The next one is Alice...



if anybody could help me out as to which breed is which (Lesley :wink: ) I'd be very greatful! :lol:



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