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:cry: No chickens for me until August! Today's battery rescue was cancelled because of bird flu in the area. I could cry. All those poor girls sent to slaughter instead of being cuddled in my garden.


Thanks to all who replied to my dust bath query.




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Sorry to hear that Pinkkat.


Where was the rescue taking place. I see you are in Manchester (My home town!)


There is nothing much going on in South Yorkshire.....so would be glad of details of Manchester rescues!


I can still just about find my way round although I haven't lived there for over 20 years.

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Where did those birds come from? Apart from the market of course. WOuld be interested to know how they got infected, whetehr it was human fault like it was at BM in suffolk


I am not actually sure where the birds are from Bronze, it just said on the local news that they were purchased from the market, and that the people had displayed flu like symptoms and been treated.

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i live in runcorn, cheshire not far nicola from you, because there has been an outbreak of bird flu in st helens do i need to stop our chickens free ranging, what precautions do i need to take, I am really worried. I have looked at the defera site, but its seems gobbly de gook to me I must be thick.



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Hi Claire - try not to worry at the moment.


Defra will enforce zones around where the outbreak is. In terms of zones you/we are a long way from St Helens. The first zone will be 1km an it will mean at first that no birds of any kind are allowed to be moved into or out of that zone and that free ranging in the area must stop.


To make your eglu/cube bio secure what you are doing is stopping all cross contact with wild birds. The simplest way is to keep your run covered either with eglu covers or rigging up a cover from a shower curtain. Because its hot it would be better to knock 4 posts in the ground one at each corner and suspend your cover from that - make 2 posts shorter so you have a slope and if it rains water wont collect as much.


Make sure your feeders and drinkers are washed regularly and dont let wild birds get to them.


There has not been any advice/instruction at this time to stop our birds fre ranging,


Try not to worry, I'm sure poeple will be keeping an eye on what is happening and keeping us informed in easy to understand terms Not DEFRA gobbledy gook.



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All bird keepers throughout the UK should continue their efforts to maintain high levels of biosecurity and maintain vigilance by continuing to monitor their birds for signs of disease. If you are concerned about the health of your birds you should seek the advice of your veterinary surgeon, if you suspect that your birds have avian influenza you should report it to your Local Animal Health Office.


There is absolutely no reason for anyone to abandon their birds (or any other pet) because of any fears or worries of infection from avian influenza. This is an offence under the abandonment of Animals Act.The welfare of birds is seriously compromised when they are abandoned and they are at risk from starvation or accident and are more vulnerable to disease.

This time of year there are a lot of fledgling wild birds that will be coming out of the nest and it is quite usual for them to flounder around. This behaviour should not be mistaken for them being ill as this is very unlikely and there should be no reason for concern. It is in the birds' best interest to leave them alone.

All those persons wishing to seek general information about animal health should not call the local Animal Health office, but should call the Defra Helpline on 08459 33 55 77 (open between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday), or visit the Defra website

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The zone is 1 Kilometer from one particular farm in Rainhill


Not 1 hour from anywhere.


Apparently the people from there had contact with the Chelford market where the North Wales chickens came from. It says ''Birds at the holding were purchased from the market held in Chelford on Monday, May 7"


So I guess you have to bear in mind the outbreak could also touch on Chelford/Macclesfield area but there have been no restrictions placed there.

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