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Son back from Wales

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Harry is back from his school trip to Wales, I just had to laugh he has a case full of muddy wet clothes, midge bites all over his neck, he couldn't find his insect repellant and a bar of soap still in its wrapper :shock:


He was a very dirty, but happy young man last night 8)

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Jack went on a school trip in his last year at Primary school. He took 6 pairs of new boxers and socks, they came back new :roll:


Now he is 16 years old and very clean :shock: His laundry bag is full every day :evil:


Glad Harry had a good time in Wales

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My brothers used to take the soap out their bags the day before they came home, and leave it in a sink of water over night. Of course, the tidemarks round their necks kind of gave the game away!

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