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Sorry - I was just about to post it as a New Topic when I saw you'd already done it


I haven't been watching this morning as I thought I really ought to do some housework but I did see chick No.2 hatch at midnight! :D I missed No.1 because I was out at 8pm :cry:


I found it in Practical Poulty forum.



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  • Omlet Staff

Hi guys,


Thought I should put a stop to any rumours. Nosh and Pecks are alive and laying eggs. The webcam had to be stopped as it was slowing our internet connection to a crawl. They are going back online in the middle of March, when we have got a faster internet connection.



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Ah but the little fluffy chicks are cute as custard - better than looking at eggs!


That maybe true but all I saw when I went on there today was a stuffed toy in a container and a load of cowboys on horse's!!??!! :?:shock:


Now I know i'm mad but please tell me everyone else see's them too?!?!? :lol:


Very worried Sammi saying see ya. :wink:

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