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We are brand-new chick owners. Our Eglu arrived on Monday and we managed to set it up in the evening, in the dry! On Tuesday we collected Adelaide (an Araucana) and Ella (a Calder Ranger). They were safely installed and explored their new home. Last night the heavens exploded but this morning - after some posturing - Adelaide went into the Eglu and at 8.30 we had a lovely blue egg! :D Now we can hardly concentrate on work for wondering whether there will be a brown one waiting for us at home. Thanks to everyone who has posted such useful information, we have spent the last month reading all about it!

C & A

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Congratulations on your new arrivals and an eagerly layed egg, is it too early to ask for piccies?


Sarah x


Aah, this involves electrical equipment and some sort of binary infromation using computers :? . If you can wait 'til the weekend I'll see if the portrait photographer is free - and the girls play ball!



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