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Joined the club Thursday (28th JUNE) Eglu + 3 Chickens, Really pleased with everything, Many Thanks.


While reading the "OMLET guide to acquiring chickens" which came with the Eglu, I noticed this


Page 6 Other Pets


"The majority of dogs will be happy with a new companion in the garden but it is still a good idea to introduce your dogs to your chickens on a lead."


Been to my local pet shop and he'd never heard of "chicken leads"


any ideas? :wink:

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Hi there,

Clash City Rocker was just joking about the chicken on a lead thing-having a laugh about the way the Omlet guide had worded it :wink:


Also-the post which you are replying to is dated 2007 :D


Got me really confused for a while there though- I was wondering why everyone was welcoming Clash to the forum all of a sudden :oops::lol:

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