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R.I.P. Amber

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I lost my Amber today.


I was at work all day and visiting my new school. Just as I left Mum called to say she was ill, I told her to call the vet. I got home 20 mins later but she was gone.


Mum said she had a coughy sneeze when she let her out of the run today and had only half heartedly pecked at corn. She didn't ring me becaue I was at my new place. This afternoon she found her laying on her side under the trampoline, thats where she was when I got home. The other two were standing close by.


Spoke to the vet nurse on the phone she said watch the others, at the moment they both seem fine and in good health. I feel sad and a little worried, I hope DS takes it OK when I pick him up from after school club.

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Thanks all - I had to break the sad news to DS on the way home. Of course in the way that children do he took it very well and now thinks that Amber is up in heaven laying eggs for Grandad.

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