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A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a new product which is available from crocs. It is a garden kneeler.


This is what is looks like:




It costs £12 and is made from the same material as crocs, and it is really smoothe. It is extremly comfortable on the knees and may be a worthwile purchase.

At the time of purchasing a Navy one of these I also ordered a pair of size 10 Crocs Wellies in Black! :D:D


We have a good shop in Bidford, that sells lots of crocs and crocs "gear" the people who run the shop are so kind. They gave me 2 crocs posters and also some crocs balloons and a crocs keyring (the keyring is made from Crocs material and is in the shape of the logo) :lol::lol:




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I really like the Croc kneeler but to be honest i thought it was a bit expensive. I got two large square ones for 99p each and they are perfectly comfy. I kneel on one, then move the next one into postion beside me so i can just scooch across without getting up when i'm planting or weeding my rows.


I wouldn't want to get a Crocs kneeler dirty :wink:

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