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A few good things about Winter

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I am feeling optomistic & festive today, & have made a little list of what I like about winter.



Starbucks Gingerbread latte

No B****y Flies & mozzies

Not having to shave my legs

Ditto exfoliating bits of me & covering them in fake tan or suncream

Fairy lights - I LOVE fairy lights

Wearing long skirts, boots & bum-covering tops

Cold frosty mornings,in bright sunshine

Not having to water the greenhouse

Seeing your breath in the air because it is cold,not because you had a curry for supper!

Autumn coloured trees

Eating hearty warming casseroles rather than chargrilled sausages

Making soup & baking again

Magical festive movies like LOTR, Narnia & Harry Potter

Long chunky bright coloured scarves

Better stuff on TV.Summer TV is pants!

My hair looking curly rather than frizzy

My daughters rosy cheeks when they come in from the garden

More people bidding on my eBay listings

Glitter.Everything is sparkly in winter :P






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Real fires

Crumpets toasted on a real fire.

Chestnuts roasted on a real fire (do you see a theme here?!)

Hot chocolate

Smelling the warm doggy smell of the the woggles when they get out of their baskets in the morning (yes, I know. I'm weird)

Being able to mooch around in big baggy sweaters that cover all the wobbly bits

Being able to have loads of candles lit when friends come round

The smell of Holland and Barret's essential Christmas oil in the burner (cloves and cinnamon and orangey yum!)

The dark evenings so no one can see the dust in the corners :oops:

The thought that it MIGHT, JUST MIGHT, snow on Christmas day (yeah right, in Dorset :roll: )

Lovely juicy chewy red wine


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Fairy lights - I LOVE fairy lights
.... :lol: Don't mention fairy lights, along with balloons I am a bit of a "queen" in these things. Counted up various sets .. and have about 20 different sets, inside and out, of fairy lights .. from Chilli peppers to cars along Joe's wardrobe. :oops::wink: .


Would have to add ..... homemade crumbles.

...... clear blue skies, and frost.

.... drinking red wine ( though I prob never stopped).

.... Ski-ing ...... well I can dream :wink:

... Scented candles

..... a new kitchen, as of mid-november 8)


:( I would LOVE a real fire again ..... but am sure I can find some nice cosy pub ones to sit infront of, and have soup for lunch, while the kids are at school. :P

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My first winter with chickens right here in my garden - can't wait


Luke - my grandson due 10th December


Walking up the lane, through the alley to the village centre smelling wood burning fires - there was one today


Being the first person out the door (I even beat all the children) and making the first footsteps in virgin snow. I walk all the way up one side of the lane and all the way back the other doing silly walk steps... singing , if they could see me now.


ditton the above and walking through the alley to get a paper for sleepyhead indoors, smelling bacon and eggs cooking as I pass the rear of the B&B


Going for an early morning walk and coming back and sliding my freezing body into bed making OH scream


Walking along yet more lanes seeing the cobwebs covered in frost and twinkling like diamonds and remembering a childhood day of collecting them on a forked twig


Running out to see the animal footprints in the snow - pheasants, birds, cat maybe, rabbit ...........My CHICKENS FOR THE FIRST TIME


Red berries on the holly and hawthorne in the hedgerows, seed heads on the ivy


Making home made mincemeat


Christmas puddings and cakes and biscuits


I am stopping there or you will nod off!

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We won't nod off :lol::lol: !! It all sounds so familiar! I LOVE Winter! I get all excited when the first feelings that Autumn are on the way start at the end of summer. I love the smell of autumn and the bleakness of winter.


Bare branched trees, all beautiful and elegant in their nakedness.


The jewelled berried branches.


Kicking through piles of leaves, throwing them at each other and going home with one stuck in the back of my hair!


Collecting conkers, acorns, horse chestnuts, pine cones and leaving them all over the house to pick up later and hold wistfully thinking of cold morning walks followed by steaming coffee and hot buttered toast.


Foggy, grey days when you could be all alone on an island as you can't see further than the end of the garden.


Stir up Sunday and the chopping and stirring of the mincemeat and Christmas puddings. Lovely!


Bonfire Night and the smell of fireworks, baked potatoes and wood smoke.


The dark early evenings - getting the curtains closed at 4.30pm and shutting out the night so we can get warm and cosy in front of the fire.


Winter foods - stew and dumplings, jam roly poly with custard, pig in a blanket, syrup sponge, hotpots and homemade soups.


Hot chocolate and steaming cups of Glugg - yummy!


My Christmas pot pourri made from cloves, star anise, cinnamon sticks, orange peel, frankincense and myrrh.

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Thanks for this thread, *Sarah*! I take after my mother & love summer and just go miserable & want to hibernate in the winter. Usually I can't think of one good thing about it, despite my usual optimistic & cheery nature :wink:

However, I find time is whizzing by so fast (yes, must be an age thing :roll: ) that I actually said to LSH this summer, that I'm going to make a real effort to be positive about winter, & try & look for the good things about it, then I can be cheerful all year round!

So, thanks for starting me off when I thought I had an impossible task.

Agree real fire & hot water bottle. Also, Esther's birthday.

Ummmm....That's all. :cry: But I haven't tried Gingerbread Latte yet. Hurray, something to look forward to.

Well, that's a start, help me out!

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What a lovely thread...


Windy days (a genuine excuse to have messy hair 8) )

Muddy rugby fields (a genuine excuse to have a messy car!)

Big, snuggly woolly jumpers

Really long shadows on cold sunny mornings when walking the dogs across the fields

Crunchy autumn leaves

Smoke from a real fire mixed with the small of wet dog

Days out walking having to end early (with a trip to the pub with real fire of course)

Pulling the curtains and lighting candles



(Never stopped with the red wine and hot chocolate)

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Early nights! :wink: (but clearly not tonight...)


Yeah, yeah - typical bloke, I know.... :roll:


Made me laugh though.

Paradoxically, chance to wear double layer super pants, over double layer tights, triple layer vests, etc. :wink:

Actually, that's what I hate about winter, I love T shirt & shorts, but I guess some people look forward to warm jumpers etc. Yuk.

Comfort food though Steve...that's good....syrup sponge & custard. Rain against the window & snug indoors, I like those. :)

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