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Friday the 13th

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Has anyone else had a worse Friday the 13th than me?


I went to Tesco this morning & was standing by the checkout waiting for the lady in front of me to put her purse in her bag after she had paid.

You know how the conveyor belt runs forward & stops when the shopping hits the top end – well it didn’t , it carried on moving causing a 4 pint carton of milk to fall of & spectacularly explode on the floor, & all over me.

Apparantly this new till,has a faulty belt. :roll:


I was literally covered in milk, all down my back from my hair to my crocs (which were full!), & right through to my knickers. The other ladies, one in front & one behind got a liberal dousing too.

It was awful & really mortifying..I was dripping everywhere & people were staring :oops:


I had to then finish packing my shopping (which was also covered in milk & had to be rinsed when I got home)pay & drive home. The car now has a nice milky patch on the seat.


So, I got home, showered, changed, rinsed the milky shopping & went to phone Tescos Customer services, to find that my phone line was dead.

Today is the day I change back from TalkTalk to BT, & something had gone wrong.

So, no phone or internet for several hours…….


I am so not looking forward to cooking supper tonight :roll::lol:

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Poor you Cinnamon, kick up a fuss and get some vouchers out of them. If they knew the belt was faulty then they should have taken action to prevent incidents, what if it had been glass!


I forgot it was Friday the 13th, consequently my day has been relatively okay, i find its always worse when i remember the date.

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Friday 13th is only supposed to apply in October I think as it is the anniversary of the day the Knights Templar were so brutally disbanded.


I'm not going into details but my day has been totally devastating, so maybe it is every Friday 13th. :cry::cry:

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Great news,Lesley....you must be over the moon :P


Still waiting to hear back from Tesco customer services.

I don't mind that they haven't got back to me yet.

As far as I am concerned it makes for an even stronger case when I phone them back on Monday 8):lol:

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It would have been nice to be offered a towel though, & something to sit on so I could drive myself home...........................


Dont worry about that just sting them and tell them you need your clothes dry cleaning, the car valeting and some vouchers for more shopping :lol::lol:

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