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Bumble Bees

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my husband is desperate for bees! I keep suggesting to him that it is not a good idea though. After all ... if I'm not allowed a dog - and I've been pleading for one for years now (now I am threatening him with 'if you don't let me have a dog then I will have a baby instead** :lol: ) - then why should he be allowed bees!


** I seem to have a strange body clock - I have no wish for a baby and nothing is ticking, instead I just have this real need for a dog. You know that advert where every sentence is finished with baby ... well I am the equivalent with dog!


PS somehow I need to hide this thread from OH


PPS if you need to buy a refill every year does this mean they all die. Seems sad. Best not go naming them then


PPPS - looking at the price of the little one I have a funny feeling that if my husband is sat here with a large glass of red wine and his credit card ... that's normally what happens with him


OOps I've ended up with pepperpots :o when trying to put my PS's in :lol::lol::lol:

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It is sad that they die in the Autumn :( The new queen Bee survives and burys herself in the ground until the following spring, the old queen and all the worker Bees die :(


found this site last night which is informative. www.bumblebeeconservationtrust.co.uk


I did not realise that there several types of Bumble Bees :shock:


I would love Honey Bees :D Sadly my garden is not huge and I am surrounded by 5 neighbours gardens. Bumble Bees are not aggressive unless really provoked, they do not swarm. Also I do not like honey :lol:


Already thought of names for them all (not sure though how many you get) The queen will be called Queenie and the workers will all be called Buzzy :wink::lol:

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So many lovely websites, I can never find them when I want to look for something, do you think we should have a 'useful websites' sticky in the self sufficient area?


I think that is a great idea :D


A sticky somewhere that we can post all these lovley sites Omeleteers are interested in :D


A Bumblebeelu would be great too 8)

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