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Baby Hedgehogs!

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Guess what - we have got a nursing hedgehog! She has nested in a box filled with hay that Andy initially built for the guinea pigs but which wasn't really suitable. We left it outside in the garden (deliberately)- we knew we had a hedgehog already living under the shed. We have just looked in as stuff has been pulled into it and there is a nursing hedgehog with at least 2 babies. We've removed all the plastic rubbish that she has dragged in from the bridle way, and the paintbrush that we had thought we had lost!


Now we are going to leave them to it. They are right by the house :D


We are walking around the house with a lovely warm glow!

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Oh how lovely :D What food can you leave out for hedgehogs?


I've just been doing some research to try and find out!


oh lovely



I'm sure she would appreciat eany help though I doubt you'll want to crawl around looked for beetles etc


and you can buy ready mixed hedgehog food


Thanks Bron - and that's fab about the ready mixed stuff - I'm just off to our you-name-it-they-supply-it garden and pet store to have a look!

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we've got the special hedgehog food - this one looks like cat biscuit ... which explains why Ollie is doing his darnedest to stretch his long paw to get at it (followed a website advice & its under a paving slab raised on 4 bricks - amazing what you find around the garden!)

We've also found some on a local website that is slightly different - and better value, so will get some of that during the week.


While we were sat in the conservatory having our dinner - surrounded by chickens :lol: - they suddenly all started looking in one direction and chattering .... and their was our hedgehog! It was about 8pm and she had emerged from her nest and was waddling across the patio. It's so exciting!

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Bless - I love hedgehogs :P


I had never seen a real (live!) one until a couple of weeks ago when one scuttled across the patio at dusk.

It gave me a real fright - I thought it was a rat at first.

I was suprised how big it was & what a lot of noise it made muching & snuffling away. Adorable ! :D

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something awful has happened. We left them all to it, and set up a night vision camera to watch. Mummy H was in and out eating the food we had put down. Two days ago we had a quick check and there were 4 babies in there, not 2 as first thought. We didn't record last night. We have just lifted up the lid to check all ok as we have a mini flood out there and they are all dead. Something has killed them and left them really mangled. :cry::cry::cry: It is a horrible bloody mess. We don't know what to do. We don't know if Mum knows and if she is ok. We need to dispose of the box but we need to make sure she has a home. It is awful

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